Ellie Mackay

Psychotherapy ...Here to Help

About Me

I am Ellie and I am a highly experienced and qualified psychotherapist who is based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK and over the years I have helped a wide range of people who have experienced different kinds of stressors.
I use the key techniques of Gestalt psychotherapy: symbolic work, two chair work and dream work in a deeply empathetic way.
I am a facilitator of change, and just like scaffolding, I support my client while the delicate restorative work is ongoing. The aim of this process is to help you explore the impact of  your stressful situations, support you by actively listening, and then bring about awareness  of your own inner resources to continue your journey.
My practice embraces diversity in all its forms and I work keenly with people of all gender identities, sexualities, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, people in polyamory relationships etc.
My choice of profession has been born out of a fundamental desire to help heal people. My mission is to turn my passion for change into supporting my community and building a world that I want my own family to grow within. The work I do is more than just a job to me. It draws upon my natural strengths and has been finely tuned over many years of theoretical and practical experience. My work is also underpinned by my own programme of self-care and continued personal and professional development, to make sure you receive the most dedicated support possible.
I really would love to help you and I provide a nourishing safe, non- judgmental and emotionally holding space.